Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This face, she is angelic isn't she?

Who knew she could be so full of "stuff"! We had another poo-nami today. I'm quite unprepared most of the time as because she is fully breastfed, she doesn't have dirty nappies very often. Today required baby wipes, flannels, a towel and the public washing of a car seat in Kings Park. It was epic.

Pre-baby I wasn't going to use baby wipes. I thought they were a bit wasteful and a flannel would do just as well. Oh how I have changed my mind on that one. Breast milk is just like normal milk and it gets smelly when its old. Nappy wipes seem to be able to eradicate everything. It means I don't have to wash every top I wear after an hour or two (or maybe I've gotten less fussy about smells:)

Baby wipes clean furniture, clean make up off clothes and are just uber useful. My husband loves them - we both wish we had known about these little tissues of goodness before we had kids!


  1. She's very cute. We've gone for wipes even though we have cloth nappies, they cut through everything so much easier than flannels.

  2. You are amazing Ms Wolff....didn't you just have a baby? you are my new mama guru:)

  3. you are right- she does actually look like a actual Angel!! I don't think I'd blink if I saw little wings and a shining halo above her head! She is just so beautiful.

    Wipes are so awesome. I was the same as you- I can do cloth nappies, I can do washable breast pads-- but sorry Environment, I can't do without the babywipes. They can solve all sorts of problems.. I am even using them to 'cleanse' my face these days :)

  4. haha - its a funny one babywipes isn't it? we did only flannels and only cloth until 5 and 1/2 months until we used wipes and wheat based biodegradable disposables as i was so anxious/exhausted my milk dried up and we ended up at sleep school! *phewf* over that and now thinking about heading back to cloth but having no dryer and living in melbourne makes it a difficult one to get them all dry.....moving back to perth makes me excited cause i can finally hang things on the line to dry! hooray!

  5. I love wipes a little too much! I'm not sure what I did before? haha Sienna is soooo cute! I take my hat off to you ladies who use cloth nappies I just can't do it!

  6. I use those wipes on my face if I'm too tired to take off my makeup the 'usual' way. So handy to have all the time!