Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hello again

Mmmmm, it has been a while. Got some study completed, work contract started and finished, best friend had a baby after 7 years of trying (huge hooray!) and dealing with the emergence of a will of steel in my darling two year old has been busy.  Most exciting news (for mr k and I at least) is that I'm knocked up again.

We are feeling very blessed...and I'm also feeling somewhat squeamish and unbelievably tired.  It is still early days but I've never subscribed to the make it to 12 weeks then tell way I could keep a secret for that long.
I hope to write a little more on this blog...we'll see how I go. I have enjoyed looking back and seeing the small snippets that I wrote and remembering where I was when I wrote them.  I've been reading a few posts around blogland about people questioning why they blog.  Although I am more of a "note taker" than a blogger, I just love reading how other people perceive the world, whether it be reflections on their outfits, their friendships, their flaws, their loves, their last home cooked meal...I love it all... suppose I am a bit of a nosy parker. I like seeing/ reading what makes people tick.

Although most of my photos on here are from an ancient Iphone, I hope to share more of my photos from my "big camera".  My original degree was in Film & Photography and there is nothing like your own progeny to revitalize that interest in capturing the small details around you. I have some little photos projects planned...maybe they come to fruition on the blog.

Hope this is not one of those posts where the author pops in with good intentions only to not log in again for another six months!! See you soon I hope xxx