Monday, March 11, 2013

Big kids

We love our friends. We've been blessed to enter our 30s with some gorgeous mates. I must say though, friends with children of a certain age, are particularly sought out at the moment! 
miss s LOVES older kids.  Give her a five year old and she will happily forsake her parents to play with and be bossed around by a little gang of kids.  
This Summer has been lovely to have a tiny bit of personal space back. Instead of miss s on my lap or nursing, she has been off playing with other kids. It is lovely to be able to be a part of the conversation at the party/ dinner table again.  Somewhat bittersweet though, how quickly do our kids grow up?

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Father, Daughter

I couldn't resist including this photo of you and your Dad. We went to Sculptures by the Sea and it was humid and hot. No matter to you, you still wanted to snuggle your dad at every opportunity. When I asked to take your photo overlooking the bay, this was the only photo that I took where your head was not wedged into the crook of your Dad's neck.  
I love how you two love each other.

One of my fav 52 portraits this week is Alfred.  Just love his expression - such a typical toddler expression

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Our sailor

Cleaning the boat the day before, up at 6am, driving down south to Yunderup, launching the boat with an active toddler in tow, raining....

....the boat doesn't start.  

You loved it all.

*edited to add one of my fav shots this week...the happy hubby. Check out those beautiful eyes!