Monday, September 3, 2012

Tickle & Hide

Jodi from Tickle & Hide: Clothing with Alter Ego is hosting a giveaway on her blog to celebrate her first year in business. I have bought a couple of items for miss s and can vouch for how truly gorgeous her gear is.  If vaccinations go well today I will post some photos today of her work.  Go have have a look at her giveaway. It finishes tomorrow.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Father's Day or Irish terriers are awesome with toddlers

Mr k doesn't read my blog unless I direct him to so I'm not concerned with him seeing this image before Father's Day on Sunday.  Celebrations are big deal in this casa. There are many referrals to the special event for at least a week before hand. We usually have a special breakfast or dinner, home made cards and aim to have as a relaxing day as possible. 

I always enjoyed birthdays and celebrations but since meeting mr k, my expectations have been taken to a new level. I have known him to take the day off on his birthday and think nothing of this. This from a man who didn't take a sick day in eight years (other than his birthday!). 

As miss s was born in Summer, we celebrated Mother's Day first. Mr k set a high standard. There were flowers, photo enlargements, a special lunch and a lovely home made card. 

I'm not so good with stuff like that.  To give you an idea, I forgot our wedding anniversary the first four years of our marriage.  

This year however I am pretty pleased with myself.  I have made a card. Miss S and I have painted a little canvas together for mr k. I even finished the plans for the garden (hence the theme of the garden photo - which is to be part of the present presented to mr k)

 Out takes.  I can highly recommend Irish terriers and their patience with toddlers.

I had a doozey of a day. We had a dress up day at music class today. We got dressed in the fairy costume. Took a photo out in the garden.  Realised that the antibiotics that miss s is taking for an ear infection is taking its toll on her tummy and digestion system. Costume change was required. Elmo costume is brought out. Miss s is delighted and lots of cute giggles and "mama, elmo". Miraculously, we arrive on time.  We last 10 minutes before it becomes apparent that we might have another bowel issue on our hands. Sure enough, I realise that a simple nappy change is not going to be enough and after a quick plastic wrapping of the car seat, a short drive home and showers for all, including mama, are required. 

devis purdy house backyard garden

Inspiration for our soon to be started garden
from here

Have a gorgeous weekend my lovelies.

vertical succulent wall art