Thursday, July 7, 2011


For the last month or so, my mothers group has been meeting at each others homes. Although the clinic nurse suggested against this, since meeting in each others homes we have become closer. The first session at a mama's home, people stayed for hours and talked about what they were really experiencing being mums. The biggest issue for most was the lack of sleep and/ or crying and/ or breastfeeding. What I think we have all realised is that it is nice to talk with people who really understand. It is so much easier to take advice from the lasses in our mother's group rather than relatives etc...don't know why that is. What has also been heartening is realising that these little babies (or monsters as I like to call them) change all the time. Good news when your little one thinks that waking up every hour from 1am is cool. I love my mother's group. We have nothing in common other than our babies but that is what makes it so lovely. Motherhood has bought some nice people into my life that ordinarily I wouldn't have met or even had a connection with. Good stuff for the soul I think.


  1. 1000% agree! I love my mum's group to bits and would have been one lonely mama without them!

  2. we had 'no bubs' dinner out last night with our mums and honestly, feels like i've known these ladies FOREVER. even better cause we really are all so different but thats what makes it awesome. it is the HARDEST thing about moving back to Perth knowing I won't have these ladies by my side. I'm desperately hoping I'll find the same thing in Perth!!!!

  3. Oh man I can't live without my mother's group! So reassuring to know we aren't going through it alone right?