Thursday, December 15, 2011

She slept through!

A combination of teething, lots of milestones and dropping from 3 sleeps a day to 2 has meant that miss s has gotten all confused and started waking up at night for feeds again.....sigh.
Can I just say that it feels even harder going back to waking once or twice a night that it did when I was up every two hours. Weird.

Any way she slept through last night. The mental relief was even better than the actual 7 hours of continuous sleep ( yes I am aware of how annoying that reads).

I have some exciting news (no, I am not pregnant) but can't share as yet but will over the next couple of  months. Complete life changing stuff. Probably not interesting to anyone but me and mr k but can't say anything to anyone in real life and so dying to talk about it.

Life is about to get super interesting (to me and mr k:)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

whatchya doin'?

I saw this on grown together and thought I play along

watching: one born every minute on my laptop. I always cry when I watch this - aren't my hormones supposed to be flat-lining by now?   
eating:  tuna, cream cheese and rocket on a cruskit (this is what s will be having for lunch today)

drinking:  Diet coke (yes I am addicted)

wearing: country road top and jeans - both covered in baby goop that I'm about to sponge off (the days where I would change have gone...I don't know who I am anymore:)

cleaning the house

feeling: knackered....not sure why but all of the mama girls I know are exhausted at the moment

missing:  my nephew Leo
- he lives in Melbourne, is almost two and I would love to be more a part of his daily life:(

thankful: for our new Christmas tree and my sleeping baby!

weather: massive thunderstorm last night so lots of puddles and greyness outside - bit weird considering we were at the beach on the weekend

praying: N/A

needing:  would love to have a bit more
self-discipline and be a bit more vigilant about getting fit

thinking: about my dad too  - he had some minor heart surgery yesterday. Amazing that now a doctor can log into his computer and check how my dad's heart is going no matter where he is in the world.

loving: this age with little s. She is starting to dance by wriggling her shoulders and tapping her feet and is becoming so much more confident - love it!

link up if you like and tell me whatchya doin'

PS - random photo of s from Melbourne Cup - $5 peony clip from Spotlight equals instant baby fascinator  and she didn't pull it off once!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spilled (breast) Milk

For Sammie

Heartbreaking when it occurs but so many of us understand!

"When are you...

having your next baby? " is a question I am getting asked a lot lately. Maybe it is because Sienna is almost 10 months. She often looks a little older as she has a full head of hair, is very tall (100th percentile) and prefers to stand rather than crawl.  So many changes in the last few months has me wondering where my "baby" has gone and asking who this little girl is?
I've always wanted to have kids close in age but the thought of going through pregnancy again is a little off putting. I had symphysis pubis dysfunction ( and still have a bit of it now) with miss s and my ob has wanted me that it is likely to get worse with each pregnancy and that I might end up in a walker.  My loooong labour was not painful at all compared to how much my hips hurt. When I had to have a epidural for the c-section, there was such relief to finally not have pain in that area. So you can probably guess I am a little hesitant about getting pregnant again as I know the ability not to walk will majorly disrupt our little family.  To that end, I am trying to get as fit as I possibly can in the hope that I can delay some of the symptoms for as long as possible.

I do love the idea of miss s having a little brother or sister though and to have my heart expand again will be awesome. There are 20 months between my brother and I and we were close growing up.  However in the news recently, there were reports about how beneficial it is to be the eldest child because of the level of attention and focus in those important early year etc etc.

What will be, will be however but I am wondering what other people's ideas are about the age gaps between their kids.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eating my words

So after my last post, I had to go shopping again! I've had my eyes on this beautiful shop and blog for a while. Little Cotton Rabbits are so coveted that she sometimes run a lottery just to purchase one of her amazing creations. No wonder as they are little works of art.  I was lucky enough to jag one this afternoon - the beautiful Felicia (foxy lady in green). 12 months ago I never would have thought I'd be posting excitedly about a stuffed animal! How life has changed.    Julie's blog is beautiful and she has a giveaway for one of her lovely rabbits. Felicia is beautiful to look at and I love the thought that she will  be passed along to my future grandchildren (yes, I do think that way even though I've just had my first baby:)