Friday, July 8, 2011

sneaker love

I've never been a sneaker girl. Love sneakers but I just can't do the look justice. Due to some issues with my hip because of pregnancy which are still continuing because of breastfeeding (annoying hormones!) I don't care anymore, I'm making them work for me. "Comfy-ness" is paramount Just bought me some lovely Asics Gel-Spree. Cannot believe I bought them in pink, mr k is uber-suprised by some of my sartorial choices recently. I'm thinking of buying some ugg boots or even slippers. This is weird because normally I am barefooted as much as possible. I used to live in Prague and even when it was 20 below, I would still go barefoot around the house. Not even looking at my heels anymore. Wore some boots on Saturday night and couldn't believe I used to wear them for 8 hours at a time (might have something to do with my non-weight loss)

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