Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I did it.

Yes, I've become one of those people. I bought matching shoes for the two of us for next Summer. I actually wanted to get different colours but they weren't available so "shiny yellow" it is for both of us. Might have to buy another pair just so we are not too naff. I'll have to see if I am brave enough to wear them at the same time. I seem to do a lot of posts on shoes but I couldn't resist this one...such a bargain for both!!


  1. LOVE IT! So glad to see it's not just me!
    It is so funny to read this post because I have just dressed my Baby and I in kinda matching outfits this morning and was thinking 'have I lost the plot!?!' but at least I'm not alone.
    I am going to post photos of us tomorrow

    THose shoes are just the bomb, and you should totally wear them at the same time!

  2. Thanks Em! Can't wait to see your pictures tomorrow! These salt waters were only $70 for both pairs and included shipping - can't beat that plus I just love salt water sandals on pudgy baby feet:)

  3. yellow is my fave colour!!! so gorgeous and HILARIOUS, just like emmie, i realised i was wearing the SAME thing as lottie this morning and the mum's in my mothers group pissed themselves laughing! it was unintentional but boy was i embarassed! (both wearing denim dungarees with coloured jumpers underneat!). you have now tempted me to have a look........

  4. I LOVE saltwaters!!!! Tallulah and I will be getting a pair next summer! I think I want orange!

  5. Geez looks like I need to get on this 'matching outfit' bandwagon too! I don't think I suit polka dots and frills which is Lily's favourite uniform atm though!