Thursday, March 31, 2011


6 weeks

2 days old with her nana

I lost 11 kilos in the first 10 days after I had Sienna but despite feeding and feeding, nothing has budged since. I didn't much care as I thought I would give myself six weeks and then think about doing something. Well, my six weeks is up and I need to start giving up the cheesy lasagnas and bacon on toast breakfasts.

Sienna, on the other hand, is growing like a weed. When I have weighed her, she has often put on 300 grams in a week! She was 4.3 kilos at birth and last week, she was over 6.5 kilos. I know I wrote about this in my last post but I am slightly stupefied at her growing ability. She has also grown 12 centimeters in 6 weeks. I've included some photos as proof.

Back to work

I'm off to work tomorrow. Only to visit and show off Sienna though! There were a couple of weeks where I was missing work and thought that despite my absolute conviction I would take the full 12 months of my maternity leave that I might change my mind. That has passed and I am really enjoying being a stay at home mum. I think the trick is to go out everyday and make sure I have contact with people otherwise I go a bit bonkers. I have joined up a pram walking group with some girls from my mother's group, I am going to go to my local Breastfeeding Association group and hopefully join a mother and babes swimming group. I would love to do a sewing class of some kind (my mother just fainted) but I can't find one that you can bring babies to so I might have to wait until Sienna is a little older and can be babysat by her grandma.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. I was going to leave it a little longer but everyone loves a little baby and since Sienna is already over 61/2 kilos at 7 weeks, I though I'd better take her in quick.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


My goodness, it has been 6 weeks. Motherhood is both better, busier and more full on than I could have imagined. It is a weird combination of euphoria and mindless hard work. I can't believe I have been able to survive despite not having more than three hours sleep. My brain could hardly function at first but Sienna is now having 3-4 hours between feeds at night now and doesn't require a lot of settling plus I seem to be getting used to it. I am in awe that she is still alive and is now 6.3 kilos - did I mention she was only 6 weeks old? All that feeding is creating a super baby!