Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hello again

Mmmmm, it has been a while. Got some study completed, work contract started and finished, best friend had a baby after 7 years of trying (huge hooray!) and dealing with the emergence of a will of steel in my darling two year old has been busy.  Most exciting news (for mr k and I at least) is that I'm knocked up again.

We are feeling very blessed...and I'm also feeling somewhat squeamish and unbelievably tired.  It is still early days but I've never subscribed to the make it to 12 weeks then tell way I could keep a secret for that long.
I hope to write a little more on this blog...we'll see how I go. I have enjoyed looking back and seeing the small snippets that I wrote and remembering where I was when I wrote them.  I've been reading a few posts around blogland about people questioning why they blog.  Although I am more of a "note taker" than a blogger, I just love reading how other people perceive the world, whether it be reflections on their outfits, their friendships, their flaws, their loves, their last home cooked meal...I love it all... suppose I am a bit of a nosy parker. I like seeing/ reading what makes people tick.

Although most of my photos on here are from an ancient Iphone, I hope to share more of my photos from my "big camera".  My original degree was in Film & Photography and there is nothing like your own progeny to revitalize that interest in capturing the small details around you. I have some little photos projects planned...maybe they come to fruition on the blog.

Hope this is not one of those posts where the author pops in with good intentions only to not log in again for another six months!! See you soon I hope xxx

Monday, March 11, 2013

Big kids

We love our friends. We've been blessed to enter our 30s with some gorgeous mates. I must say though, friends with children of a certain age, are particularly sought out at the moment! 
miss s LOVES older kids.  Give her a five year old and she will happily forsake her parents to play with and be bossed around by a little gang of kids.  
This Summer has been lovely to have a tiny bit of personal space back. Instead of miss s on my lap or nursing, she has been off playing with other kids. It is lovely to be able to be a part of the conversation at the party/ dinner table again.  Somewhat bittersweet though, how quickly do our kids grow up?

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Father, Daughter

I couldn't resist including this photo of you and your Dad. We went to Sculptures by the Sea and it was humid and hot. No matter to you, you still wanted to snuggle your dad at every opportunity. When I asked to take your photo overlooking the bay, this was the only photo that I took where your head was not wedged into the crook of your Dad's neck.  
I love how you two love each other.

One of my fav 52 portraits this week is Alfred.  Just love his expression - such a typical toddler expression

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Our sailor

Cleaning the boat the day before, up at 6am, driving down south to Yunderup, launching the boat with an active toddler in tow, raining....

....the boat doesn't start.  

You loved it all.

*edited to add one of my fav shots this week...the happy hubby. Check out those beautiful eyes!

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Two - Bruce was right about that bottom lip.

Slowly catching up on our weeks.  Our ob noticed your lovely bottom lip when you were a day old. "She'll be stubborn" he predicted. 

And yes you are. You are a beautifully strong-willed little girl. While it can be exasperating at times, a large part of my heart is so grateful that you are not  easily distracted, that you are passionate about what you find interesting (gravel has been a favourite for months here) and demanding that your opinions are truly listened to.  All these qualities will stand you in good stead for your life ahead. 

We are truly in two year old territory with the pouting and tantrums but this portrait reminds me to be grateful for this. I want to raise a strong woman.


Friday, February 22, 2013


Playing in your cubby with your best friend

I am enjoying watching a beautiful friendship develop between miss s and our first baby Ruby.  Ruby has been in love with miss s for a while, sleeping on my belly when I was pregnant with her and now snoozing outside her bedroom door whilst she naps.  Chasing is miss s' favourite game at the moment and Ruby is her ever patient playmate.

You are so surrounded by love my girl, it takes my breath away.


A big week here. Your second birthday. This year has been hard.  I got completely overwhelmed with migraines (me) coupled with hand & disease (me) and sleep regression (you) which had me falling into a heap the first half of the year.  We got through it however with lots of love and support from your dad and your beloved Gaga and Papa.  You have grown so much this year and so have I.  I am so thankful for this.  

Your birthday was a quiet one this year compared to the mega party we had last year.  Just a family BBQ brunch which was lovely. My favourite part of the day, and I suspect yours too, was after your nap, we scooted back down to the river to eat fish and chips and munch on watermelon. In the 40 plus heat, we spent the afternoon hours wading in still water, eading the paper, building sandcastles and rolling down grassy knolls. You fell asleep sticky and happy on the way home. Pretty great birthday by anyone standards.

Watermelon juice running down your tummy on your birthday. My favourite photo of you ever.


complete cupcake love

My computer decided to die in numerous ways which confounded Apple care so I'm a bit behind in posting my 52 week project with miss s.  

It is birthday party season in Jan/ February for my little one and her playgroup mates. Miss s has developed a huge crush on cupcakes which mainly involves slurping on icing and then demanding another.  With a little face like that, it is very hard to deny her (but I do!).

Sunday, January 27, 2013


 "A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Our local pool, her idea of heaven.

When I miss working or the toddler tantrums start to do my head in, we head to our local pool.

 Swimming in cool water with a smiling girl in my arms and gum trees overhead makes for an excellent "reset" button.  


I am truly enjoying having a look at all the beautiful images of everyone's 52 projects. Wish I had more time to comment and view all of them. Go here to see the links - there are some beautiful portraits.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Typing in the title for the 52 project certainly makes you aware of time passing.

 "A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Every night she likes to run around outside, burning off the last of her energy for the day. 

These photos are quite deceiving. They give off an aura of a calm little girl but my shutter speed was set fast trying to capture all her running, rolling and jumping.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A note to David Koch about breastfeeding

Dear Mr Koch,

You are a bit like my dad. When I had my girl and began breastfeeding, he would avert his eyes or leave the room. When I spoke to him about it, he explained that he didn't want me to feel uncomfortable. 

We talked.

 My dad is very pro-breastfeeding and he understood from our discussion that I felt that what I was doing was very natural and that I wasn't in any way embarrassed.  I have breastfed in front of my dad numerous times since with no awkwardness and no further misunderstanding.

I think my dad is a bit like you. He would prefer a "discreet" method of breastfeeding in public. Although my dad has always strongly encouraged my convictions of feminism and equality (and indeed nurtured them), he is also a little old-fashioned in some matters.

As I explained to my dad, what I would like to explain to you is that to ask women to be discreet about breastfeeding makes me feel that what I am doing should be hidden and this leads onto feeling that something is wrong with breastfeeding. 

My girl didn't like a muslin or anything else placed over her when feeding.  Many mothers have other children that they need to keep an eye on while still feeding their baby.  There are many and varied reasons as to why covering up when breastfeeding is not an option or a need.

 I never experienced negative comments or glares and never a complaint. I would have been completely mortified had anyone complained about me breastfeeding my child on the beach or in the shopping centre or in a cafe. 

And then I would inform them of my civil rights.

Breastfeeding is natural. It should be normal.  I would really like for people who have a problem with women breastfeeding in public or think they should be "discreet" to examine as to how they have arrived at that opinion.  Was it your parents opinion?  Do breasts simply function as sexual parts of the body? Is there something distasteful when a baby is being breastfed (do you feel put off your food that someone might breastfeed near you in cafe/ restaurant)?

Mr Koch, as a person with a public voice, please think about the messages you are contributing to in our society.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Just scooting in at the last minute to make deadline for our second week.

Nothing makes her more happy than a playground

This portrait is part of Che & Fidel’s ’52′ project.  Hopefully I'll work out how to link up. 


A bit late but I'm doing this for a while, maybe even the whole 52 weeks.

They have a gorgeous relationship.  They loved spending all day, every day together during the holidays.