Tuesday, July 19, 2011

daily change

My weight has slowly been creeping back up lately...oh who am I kidding? Its been going up since Sienna was about a month old! I am feeling really sluggish, unhealthy and pissed off I can't fit into any of my clothes. I've fallen into some bad habits, eating BBQ shapes and having lots of snacky things instead of proper meals. The icecream and chocolate doesn't help either. About twelve months before I fell pregnant, I decided I needed to feel better so I gave my eating a total overhaul. I like to cook and it used to feel really lovely to make delicious meals for mr k. I think I used him as a bit of an excuse to make BIG, uber yummy (read lots of butter!) meals for him as he was so appreciative. When I decided to make some changes, I announced to mr k that I was going HARD CORE and that my health was my first priority. That I would also prepare him the same meal but to prepare himself for hardship.I did not want to HEAR ANY COMPLAINTS. mr k said something like "whatever" and off I went, telling him how hard it was going to be and that I needed to "look after me". mr k smiled a bit and probably wondered if I could keep it up (have I mentioned how much I lurve icecream).
I experimented a little and found that nutritonally dense and low carb style of eating suited me.
Who knew? I felt terrific. Both mr k and I felt a heap better. Mentally we also felt much more alert. For me it was hard work to start off with. To eat well I had to be organised otherwise I would skip breakfast, skip lunch and then start to wolf down food on my way home from work aided with copius amounts of diet coke.
Some days with miss s are very easy and we swan around. Other days it is full on with her and I am lucky to remember to grab whatever is in the pantry and munch them down (usually the aforementioned BBQ shapes). To avoid these pitfalls I have started making my lunch the night before so it is ready to go the next day. This way, if I decide to go out I can take it with me or have it on hand while watching Twin Peaks (my current favourite box set) while Sienna scoots around on the rug. Today I'm having smoked chicken salad and cherries (woolies has some from America at the moment and although I normally don't buy out of season stuff or even stuff from outside of Australia, these are just toooo good!). I style it up in a lunch box so it looks yummy and it acts as a bit of portion control too. I'll take some pictures and post up soon. I'm looking forward to feeling physically better and mentally a bit better about being a bit more sensible with my health.


  1. Good on you Hatchling! I really admire the changes you have made to lead a healthier life.I know exactly what you mean about portion control, carbs and being addicted to BBQ shapes! So would be great to hear more about the dishes you are making to inspire me too! x

  2. such a lovely comment sass! thank you and photos coming soon!