Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Favourite things

Sienna is now at the age when she can clearly communicate what she likes. Singing, mummy making stupid faces in the mirror and evening showers (she doesn't like baths but showers make her giggle with excitement). If we are doing something particularly pleasurable she rewards us all with coughing, sounding like a cross between the elderly gentleman who lives across the street and cookie monster. Needless to say, I DIE every time she does this and do my best to make her do it again. As far as items go, Sienna likes anything she can rub up on her cheeks. I have been given some lovingly made taggies and other such things but often I just chuck her a tea towel or flannel or whatever fabric is closest. She clutches it and smiles away. Her mother, on the other hand, has an extensive list of favourite things of Sienna. Starting with her pogo. It was the first thing I bought when I was pregnant and I am always putting it in photos with her. She also loves gnawing away on her Sophie (la giraffe). What are your favourite things for your baby/ baby to be/ your childhood?

PS Thank you for the very kind words on my last post. For me, it has been amazing how the birth experience and its importance fades, it really is only the start of the journey.


  1. What a lovely little baby! Aren't little ones just so precious? My little boys seem to just gravitate towards anything that has wheels. I don't know whether it's a male thing or something inherited from their father! You have a lovely blog here, keep it up!
    Ronnie xo

  2. She is too beautiful for words xoxoxo