Friday, September 2, 2011


I have been blessed with some lovely people in my life. You know the kinds that send you stuff in the mail "just to brighten your day" or "saw this and had to get it for miss s". Yep really lucky. I would like to pay this forward and send someone a little gift.  I'm buying some socks, specifically Happy Socks - I think they are very cool and I would like to offer a reader a pair of socks too. You can go check out the website and tell me which sock design you like or leave it up to me and get a surprise:)
To enter, leave a comment below - you can just say hi or even tell me a little about yourself - apparently I have a regular reader from Estonia. T'would be cool to hear from them!

 Important bits -
#1 - I'll do the mama version of a random draw which will be whatever name Sienna drools/ attempts to eat first). Giveaway will be open until 10th September. I'll then email you/ contact you and send them your way. Open to readers wherever they are. 

#2 - I'm not sure how to read all the blogs stats etc but I think I have about 8 readers so you have a really good chance at winning!

#3 - No Mum, you cannot enter this giveaway, you're getting some for Christmas.

No, I don't have an affiliation with  I just really like them and would like to send some sock love someone's way.


  1. Its currently feeding time... So I'm catching up on blogs! The socks actually look like they would suit my brother to a T! Think bright Green golf pants... Hideous I know!
    Thanks so much again for the blog post about Abi! I felt so very special!
    I'm attempting part 2 of birth story to be finished tonight...

  2. oooh love a giveaway! these socks are super cute & you're so sweet to offer a giveaway! If I was to win I'd love the polka stripe 03 gotta love orange!

  3. Ooh how sweet of you! Great socks, I can see why you love them.
    Sienna pick me, pick me! hehe
    If she drools on me first then I would like a surprise :)

  4. oh awesome. happy socks are well, totally happy! i love them and i have a few pairs. i love the top ones pictured! drool on me baby S! :)

  5. They are awesome socks, something new to put on the shopping list.