Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Almost there

Sorry folks, my camera is playing up and I can't get the photos off...and of course the auditors from the local accountancy practice request that an announcement of a winner of the massive happy socks giveaway must be accompanied with verified images.

Hopefully later on today my camera will be soothed by a camera guru mate.

In other news, little s decided to return to newborn status and wake every 2 hours last night. Only problem is mr k is no longer on paternity leave so there is no-one to bring me toast and tell me what a wonderful mum I am during the day...amazing what a little bit of encouragement can do!

Here is a photo for Fifi( a fellow mama on the late night shift lately) I took it on Sunday afternoon on our after lunch walk (as opposed to the before nap walk, after nap walk, before the cocktail/ horror hour begins walk et cetera) ...Fifi, your walks with LP in Perth are going to be awesome too! 
North Cott beach


  1. oh my! BEAUTIFUL photo :) yes, walks are going to be incredible. especially when there is fresh air and birds abounding! we had a 5:30am wake up this morning. so we headed out for our daily walk around 7am. luckily there were loads of builders, crane action, trucks and dirty pigeons for us to stare at! thanks for the sweet thought of solidarity! be lovely to go on a walk with you and bub when we settle in! i bet you might see a tooth soon or see her stack on a big amount of weight with a growth spurt - thats usually behind the random frequent wake ups! x

  2. thanks ladies...I always have my camera with me but when I look at the photos I can only see the flaws (non straight horizon line etc) but can't be bothered doing post-proc so never post but I have a new resolution to just start chucking them up here.