Monday, September 5, 2011

Father's Day

A big drive up north to meet up with mr. k's brother and his kidlets, bbq in the sunshine, footy with the boys, imported k was in HEAVEN.

In the end, I went with a home made video of mr. k's first months of being a dad to sienna. Well recieved.

The good times continue with catching up with both sets of grandparents next weekend who weren't in town on Sunday.

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  1. looks like a very manly fathers day! Glad Mr K had fun!

    How do you make or edit a video? Is there some free and easy way to do it for novices?

  2. Thanks Em:) I did film at uni but I just used Imovie on my laptop to do a quick and easy edit. If you have a PC, let me know and I can suggest some cheap and easy programs. I just loved seeing old vids of my friends at 18th/21sts so I am making sure I capture lots of future embarrassing footage for sienna!

  3. Looks like great day. Really love your gift too, I might work on similar for next year.

  4. Thanks Lila, I thought your cuff links were absolutely fab...thinking of getting my dad some for xmas!!

  5. Oh that's right- you did film at uni!
    I'd say that puts you waayy out of my league! I'm very clueless and the only footage I have is iphone stuff.. isit even possible to join different clips together? (I do have a PC)