Monday, March 11, 2013

Big kids

We love our friends. We've been blessed to enter our 30s with some gorgeous mates. I must say though, friends with children of a certain age, are particularly sought out at the moment! 
miss s LOVES older kids.  Give her a five year old and she will happily forsake her parents to play with and be bossed around by a little gang of kids.  
This Summer has been lovely to have a tiny bit of personal space back. Instead of miss s on my lap or nursing, she has been off playing with other kids. It is lovely to be able to be a part of the conversation at the party/ dinner table again.  Somewhat bittersweet though, how quickly do our kids grow up?


  1. Amazing light in your photo! Both mine adore the older ones as well. Husbands friends all have older kids, my friends are just starting out mostly and have littlies... the boys turn their noses up at the babies! I have taken to reminding them though how much they love to play with older kids and that they should in turn do their time with the littlies!! xx

  2. So lovely that she's growing up and building her own social interactions. That photo is absolutely stunning.

  3. Hi Spark,
    I have nominated you for a Liebster award, if you're interested the details are here.

  4. Gorgeous photo! Lily loves older kids as well, they must really look up to them. I can't believe how cool it has gotten all suddenly...I'm not ready to say 'bye' to beach weather just yet!

  5. Lovely photo.. I have also noticed how older girls have a magnetic effect on Bay.. so sweet.

  6. so....I just realised that I saw you guys at Jack and Jills in Nedlands last week! I recognized Sienna but couldn't place her....I thought maybe we hung out at the same playgrounds but then it clicked!

    She is adorable :)

    We should totally have a playdate :)

    Renee (previously from Renosslah but now coFound!)

  7. the indeed do grow far too quickly but gosh the NOW is magic!

    xo em

  8. Beautiful moment with beautiful light, thank you for sharing!