Sunday, January 27, 2013


 "A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Our local pool, her idea of heaven.

When I miss working or the toddler tantrums start to do my head in, we head to our local pool.

 Swimming in cool water with a smiling girl in my arms and gum trees overhead makes for an excellent "reset" button.  


I am truly enjoying having a look at all the beautiful images of everyone's 52 projects. Wish I had more time to comment and view all of them. Go here to see the links - there are some beautiful portraits.


  1. Yes, the pool does the trick. She looks pretty peaceful in there. =) And love the shadows on the pool pic.

  2. Such a lovely calm photo. I'm jealous of the beautiful trees at your pool!

  3. What a beautiful little girl you have! and that sounds so peaceful right now, so looking forward to spring and summer!

  4. Your're daughter is delightful! I esp like her take on Matisse on the potty! The local pools is my savoir at times too but not at going home time! It's getting easier as Sunny gets older but still a little unsightly having a crying 4 year in tow on occasion...

    Sophie xo

  5. Lovely picture, I'm jealous of outdoor pools - really not a great thing in the UK!

  6. The light in these pictures are breathtaking. Your little one's curls are precious.