Friday, February 22, 2013


A big week here. Your second birthday. This year has been hard.  I got completely overwhelmed with migraines (me) coupled with hand & disease (me) and sleep regression (you) which had me falling into a heap the first half of the year.  We got through it however with lots of love and support from your dad and your beloved Gaga and Papa.  You have grown so much this year and so have I.  I am so thankful for this.  

Your birthday was a quiet one this year compared to the mega party we had last year.  Just a family BBQ brunch which was lovely. My favourite part of the day, and I suspect yours too, was after your nap, we scooted back down to the river to eat fish and chips and munch on watermelon. In the 40 plus heat, we spent the afternoon hours wading in still water, eading the paper, building sandcastles and rolling down grassy knolls. You fell asleep sticky and happy on the way home. Pretty great birthday by anyone standards.

Watermelon juice running down your tummy on your birthday. My favourite photo of you ever.


  1. How is she two already? I hope your migraines are getting better they are horrible to have t live with.

  2. Beautiful photos and I agree with Lila TWO?!

    Let me know if you ever need a hand, migraines are EVIL! I don't get them too often but Andreas does and they just knock you for a six.

    This is Jess btw, in case the comments decide to put me as anon grr.