Monday, August 13, 2012


Maybe it is reading all about Blogher 2012 that has gotten me excited but I think I would like to post more often in the coming month.  Don't hold me to it because I'm not good with commitment  (yes, I know you know, I still haven't posted photos of miss s' first birthday or of her day).  Maybe it is the nerdy teacher in me that likes projects but the slacker Joe part of me that can't commit to the daily photo thingos.

I do like looking at all of them though. To my detriment. I wonder how much cleaner my house would be if I didn't have access to Pinterest?  You too? It seems to be the malaise of 2012.

Some projects that have taken my fancy recently...
 *10 on 10 - Oh I could do this. Ten photos taken on the tenth of each month. So far, I've been checking out, Angie, El, & Rachel. I'm kind of intimidated because I seem to keep finding professional photographers but still, I could get my teeth into this one.

* Letters to my daughters. This is a collective of mums writing a letter to their daughters each month. The group consists of mums around the world living different lives. I find it an inspiring way to think about my own path in motherhood.

* Video portraits.  I've been so keen on photography that I have completely neglected my video skills, yes the area that I actually got a degree in. I am totally in love with this kind of work   Maybe I'll do something with miss s before she turns 5.

What have you seen lately that has got you thinking of doing?


  1. I feel very inspired by all that I see out there.... fingers crossed it will translate into some more productiveness here as well! xx

  2. Bugger my comment didn't go through :( I need to stop procrastinating and do things but it's so hard I could list a thousand excuses but really I just need to get my butt into gear.
    On another note - oh my gosh you have produced a gorgeous little girl! She is growing up so so fast and super adorable to boot!