Monday, August 20, 2012


We visited Sienna's Great Grandma today. Grandma Eddie is 93. That is her hand on my belly in my blog header.  Sienna loves to visit her.

 Sienna has inherited my grandmother's beautiful square jawline.

  Even as a little baby, she would lie quietly in my grandma's arms. Something she wouldn't do with anyone else.
You can't see me in this shot but I'm lying on my grandma's floor. I would go over to visit. Sienna would lie quietly on her and I could give my boobs a rest. Sienna was a massive feeder!

Grandma hasn't knitted for about 20 years but my mum (her daughter-in-law) has gotten her going again. Mum chooses the pattern and the wool and Grandma is the workhorse. I think about six lovely grannies were involved in knitting this little jumper.  Grandma lives in a retirement home and they would all gather around her kitchen table to work out the pattern. Not one of them had knitted in the last decade and not one of them is under the age of 90.  

Such a useful shape too as it is so easy to get on and off and no hard buttons to do up - although I do love a good button.  We now have a few of these jumpers in different colours.  I have a red cardigan from when I was six that Grandma knitted. It is still in perfect condition.  I'm looking forward to Sienna wearing it when she is old enough.


  1. Oh how lovely to have gorgeous hand knitted clothing made with such love!! xx