Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jinxing and diy

It turns out that I did jinx myself on the sleeping front.  Just days after I last posted miss s got a little cold and her sleeping habits got all crazy.  We're back to normal programming now and bed time has become less of a battlefield.

With a little sleep, my head has become a little clearer and I am looking forward to experiencing my first Christmas with my girl. Of course I've gone a bit nuts and am planning all sorts of things which are completely beyond my abilities.

We are going to do a few things that blend both mr k's and mine traditional family history but I also want to start something new, something that is uniquely us.

So I'm making an Advent calendar.

I'm not religious, did not have one when I was growing up, I don't sew but it appeals to me.  In working with teenagers and children, one of the things I have noted time and time again is the importance of family rituals. 

I found this kit on Etsy.  The colours appeal to me and I love that it is a kit - any help is good.   I think miss s will love pulling things out of the little pockets. I'd love to have a few more little traditions....any suggestions?


  1. Looks lovely. I made the girls their first christmas stockings. I am not a sewer by any stretch of the imagination but I gave it a go. Not the enormous ones for pressies just little decorative ones.

  2. Wow we are on the same page! I was thinking of an advent calendar as well. But I suck at sewing but my teenage sister is pretty awesome at it so was thinking of doing it together with her.

    I'm glad to hear that you are getting sleep. I do find that with colds, babies sometimes just want to be cuddled. Which is sweet but frustrating when you think they are fast asleep and then they start screaming again once they are in their cots! It seems like an endless cycle sometimes but I much prefer that my baby is settled and at peace rather than screaming through the night.

  3. I love advent calanders.. that one looks awesome!

    We don't have any major Chrissy traditions but my sister went to live in Denmark for a year and they have a candle with 15 little notches on it, you burnt it down a bit each night until Xmas.. I thought that was a sweet tradition..

  4. @stayday - I saw your stockings! They are lovely, not sure if I'll be up to your standard tho':)
    @sass - lucky you with a sewing sister - my sister is just like me with her sewing skills. I'm totally with you about sleeping peacefully, I feel so much better when I feel that miss s has had enough sleep.
    @emmie - oh, I love that idea, that is really nice, wonder if there is a diy version that you could create? xx