Wednesday, November 23, 2011

hand made goodness

Check out the beautiful work of Jodi at Tickle & Hide She is running a little competition on her blog at the moment to win one of her gorgeous play mats. I bought one a couple of weeks ago and they are such a clever idea. You can pop all bubby's toys in the middle and draw up the strap and it becomes a great little bag. Great for the park. The workmanship and the colours are really stunning. Sienna is fascinated by all the colours and has spent a bit of time stroking the seams.

In other news the advent calender kit (also ordered off Etsy) is a complete disappointment. Cheap and nasty but it has given me some good ideas. Must say, I love buying off Etsy but so disappointing when it obviously isn't hand made.


  1. These are just beautiful! I love the colourful patchwork.. very inventive about the way it turns into a bag.

    That SUCKS about the advent calender. It can be hard to tell from photos. Poo.
    But I bet you come up with something heaps better!

  2. It does suck about the calender but it is turning out better than I expected but is taking so much looonger than I thought. Wish I was more craftyxx