Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Down South









We've been down south for the past couple of weeks. Can I just say again that babies are not meant to be raised by one mama alone in their home. It makes such a difference having mr k around to help take care of our bubba.  We stayed in a little cottage by the sea enjoying ourselves and each other. Our days began with cuddles in bed, lovely lunches at wineries or picnics on the beach, afternoon naps for everyone and freshly caught fish and squid on the barbie for dinner. Heaven.

What made it even more special is that miss S is now sleeping through from 6.30 at night until 7 the next morning. I dithered about whether writing this because I may jinx myself and also because I didn't want to make other mamas feel bad if their little one isn't sleeping through.  I do believe in people's innate goodness tho' and I feel excited when someone tells me about their little one sleeping through. It gives me hope. miss s has fed every 3 -4 hours since she was born which means I haven't slept more than 3 hours for over 7 months. I can't tell you how much clearer my brain feels now.

May everyone have a good nights sleep tonight (whether you are a mama or not:)



  1. Oh what a precious collection of photos!
    She is just so so gorgeous!
    It looks as though she enjoyed your down south gettaway too :)

    I totally agree with what you say about it being unnatural for one mama to raise a baby alone.. perhaps why there are such high rates of post natal depression in western culture. It's a lot to ask of one person.

    Wonderful news about Sienna sleeping through.. it is kinda giving me hope.. today I realised Bay is the only one from my Mothers Grp who isn't sleeping through.. including babies three months younger than her! Waking up twice per night is about as good as it gets in our household.. ho hum.

  2. Those photos are precious. I'm so glad you are getting sleep, I think it will be over a year before that happens with our little miss, she's not a sleeper!

  3. divine photos :) and good on you for being happy about your bub sleeping through! I do feel a tad envious, mine goes 630 - 530 but still, after what it used to be i feel SOOOOO stoked with that. I knwo what you mean about feeling truly happy for others about it. your down south holiday life sounds AMAZING!

  4. Cute, cute and triple cute! and by the way isn't it grand when the little ones sleep through, all the persistance finally pays off and it just clicks...majority of the time anyway. Thanks for dropping by today