Monday, November 28, 2011


Although I like the idea of the "Universe", spirits, fate, karma, horoscopes, god and kismet, I can't quite shake the belief that we are actually alone and that our life course is up to us to determine. This probably comes from having migraines as usually a couple of weeks before I get one, my brain starts to splinter a bit and I get constants feelings of deja-vu and the most explosive, full colour, premonition dreams.  A neurologist explained that my brain starts to act a little fried and my reactions are a little delayed which explains the sense of deja-vu. One of my besties since childhood is very au fait with horoscopes so she has always kept me up to date about what is in my chart - amazing how "right" is can seem tho'.

Anyhoo...  I do believe in continuing the efforts to try and educate myself in all aspects of life, including moral and ethical choices so Buddhism appeals to me. I've been going to meditation class one night a week for a while now. The class consists of a lecture and then a guided meditation. I find it very restful and intellectually stimulating at the same time plus I need to commit to a class otherwise I sit on the couch and would never do anything!

I got to thinking after one of the lectures and I decided I would try to consume less this holiday season. To spend a bit more time thinking about what would make my family happy. To really think about what to give rather than do that last minute buying up big to try and ensure I've got something for them that they'll like - which is what I've done most years:)  I purchased a number of items from Etsy and I was pleased that I was buying things that would last, that it was being purchased directly from a crafts person and I was confident that they were going to be very well loved by the receiver.  Despite my earlier decision to try and buy less, I still ended up buying a bit and ignoring my own adage (very typical of me).

I waited for the packages, and waited and waited. I got pissed off. Where was the bloody stuff? 

Stay with me, I'm getting there. We have a little piece of daily joy in our street, he is an 8 year old  boy and he does a bit of a round each day, visiting all the neighbours and keeping us all connected. He has Aspergers which means many of us take particular care in ensuring that we chat to him, connect with him, go out of our way to be available to him as our daily conversations are so transparently important to him. We treat him the way we should all treat each other really.  

This gorgeous 8 year old - B - has been collecting our mail with his dad as we have moved out a couple of times when we had some stuff done on the house. Unbeknownst to his dad however was that B kept doing this job. You know what is coming don't you? A stockpile (in his cubby house, unopened, he is a very sweet boy!) was found and returned to us. It was great to finally get all the posted items but the funny thing was that I had already gotten over the loss of these items and was past being annoyed with myself about buying. I was just over it, past it.

It was strange to open these packets and parcels that I had put so much energy into. All the buying, the anticipated waiting, trying to find where they were, feeling really annoyed about it all and then forgetting! It confirmed my resolve to consume less.

Plus my bestie got the chance to tell me again that the "Universe" was continuing to teach me a lesson.



  1. I can definitely identify with wanting to consume less! Just have to be strong enough to look at Etsy... :)
    Ronnie xo

  2. I hate feeling bogged down by 'stuff'.. I try to be a minimalist but I go through phases.
    Moving to a small town has helped.. being away from the temptations of the shops and the fashion and the party scene I am less inclined to shop just for the sport of it.. but of course there is the internet and I still sucumb to The Wants more than I should.
    I often think about how little we all really need. We have such an embarassing wealth of possessions but it never feels like enough.. what is really missing? hmmm
    I read the book Bubbhism for Mothers recently and I have found it really thought provoking. It has got me interseted in leaning meditation and Buddhism in general.

    That is fascinating that migraines trigger all those crazy symptoms for you.

  3. Yes Ronnie it is like an exercise in self-discipline to look at Etsy and not purchase!

    Emmie - The funny thing is that I am not a shopper in real life at all...bores me completely but since I've been more housebound with miss s recently (think sleep monster) I am much more interested in buying things, maybe because I spend much more time online than I used to. Love that book you recommended about Buddhism ( love your spelling too:) xxx

  4. Oh this is such a sweet little story...I also love taking the time to connect with those less fortunate than us, it is very grounding but yet so special in their eyes.

    I love this time of year but it also brings out the worst in some, going completely overboard with purchases that aren't necessary, just staying aware to it all I think is the best method ;)