Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is it too early ...

to think about first birthdays? I think not because judging how much I now have to pre-plan my week, I'm already going to be pushed for time for Sienna's first birthday next February. 

I love lots of colour so have been pinning away madly to get some inspiration. Sienna's room is white with lots of bursts of rainbow colour (thinking I might post some photos of her room but don't want to completely bore people) and I love it. Of paramount importance is good food and some yummy wine. We are thinking of doing an afternoon by the river. Normally I would cook but I want to really enjoy the day and celebrate with my family and friends. If I'm catering that won't happen, despite my best intentions. So we may splash out and order some delicious food.


it may all be too hard and we might just end up the four of us (including the dog of course!) in a park drinking some champagne and reflecting on what a wondrous year it has been.


1sugar biscuits
2 rainbow pinata
3 backdrop idea
4 balloon garland


  1. I haven't thought about 1st birthday yet-- we will probably do something small with just family if we are in Perth for it.. so it may have to be a belated birthday party!

    Love the rainbow decos, especially the pinata!

    Would love to see pics of Sienna's nursery if you are willing to share!

  2. OMG I really need to start planning Lily's so you've done so well with all the research for Sienna now. I also usually like cooking too but don't want to be stressing on the day so might do something simple like a sausage sizzle for the adults and making sausage rolls for the kids.

    I love the rainbow theme especially the balloons! Maybe you (or someone else) can make a rainbow cake? You know the one with white frosting on the outside and when you cut it there are layers of colour!

    Bore us with photos of Sienna's room? Um hello?! Of course we would love a look!

  3. Love everything rainbow, whatever you decide it will be a special day. Also would love to see room photos.

  4. I always start early for the 1st! It's so exciting! Love those baby June photos under the balloon photos. I did a rainbow layer cake for my Ava's first (last Feb, so they must be a year apart?), and we had a tea party theme (very loosely!) which translated to lots of yummy pre-made sandwiches and little cakes, and iced tea - it was SO hot! I was so glad I didn't have to cook on the day, my husband & I enjoyed it all so much more, and I got to talk to everyone which was a plus! I would love to see room pics also :) Thanks for your comment on my site!