Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Changing direction

This weekend we went out to a beautiful local winery and had a gorgeous lunch. It was a different experience. Instead of our peacefully sleeping or serenely gazing babe we had a little person who needed to be a part of things, wanted to know what we were doing at all times and madly kicked their feet the entire time. We took turns walking her around outside and showing her different things and rotated her on laps. Quite a revelation for her parents considering that this mama used to worry a little that maybe her babe was a little too chilled. Although we had lunch together, we certainly didn't eat our meals together. One thing motherhood hasn't changed is my perspective on how to manage your children when out and about. I used to hate it if you went out to a restaurant and someone's baby would be crying throughout your meal. I certainly don't think children should be out of sight but I do think you need to respect other people and  acknowledge that they have come out and are spending their hard earned money on having a nice relaxing meal. Bringing your baby to a restaurant at night where other people are trying to enjoy a relaxing night out is fine if your baby can manage it but it is not really fair if your baby is not comfortable and cries a lot and then makes everyone uncomfortable. We are lucky here in Perth because the weather is usually so mild so if your babe is fussing a bit, you can simply go outside and reduce the stimulation for them and not worry about making other patrons uncomfortable. I'm not sure how I would go in a place where going outside was not an option. Along with this new milestone, miss s has gained two bottom teeth in one day, is starting to crawl and has become intensely curious. I have a little bag filled with a few toys to go in my handbag but I can see that I am going to have to improve my repertoire. In my search for making hand made toys, I came across "busy bags". I LOVE THIS!!  They even have busy bag swaps...got to get in one of these or start one myself.  Check out all the smart mama goodness below. Clicking on the pics should take you directly to the website (if my mad blogging skills have worked).


  1. Ah! Do it! I seriously recommend it - one of the easiest things to organise, and my kids are loving the bags! Even if you have 5 people, you could do two bags each. I just put it on my blog & facebook, and people came out of the woodwork!

  2. I'm noticing the EXACT same thing!
    We go out for dinner all the time and Miss B used to just sleep in her pram, or just gurgle away happily in her own world.
    Not anymore! It is exactly as you describe- she is much more interested and affected by the world around her.. its lovely seeing her want to participate in everything but not always compatible with a night out, especially if its past her bedtime.

    She also has two teeth recently come up and keeps getting onto all fours, although yet to figure out how to move forward!

    Busy bags look interesting..

  3. i've had to have busy bags with me for months now. but its actually easier now cause all she wants is non-toys. sticks, spoons, laminated menus, bark chips. gotta watch her like a hawk though! don't you hate how before you could take your time eating and drinking? now with a baby youc hoke down your food as you change it up with others and eating out just isn't the same. bring on picnics i say! part of the reason we are moving back to perth :)

  4. Okay, time to get cracking on some busy bags for this mama... Thanks for the idea!
    Ronnie xo