Friday, August 19, 2011

Father's Day

mr k made a big fuss of my first mother's day so I want to make him feel just as special on his first father's day.  A friend and I are thinking of sending our boys to a bbq cooking class (there might be a slight sneakiness in this, hopefully it will inspire them to cook once a week once summer comes around:)

Another thing I thought I might do is print and frame some of his favourite quotes. mr k makes me laugh all the time by being silly. He does stupid voices and quotes 80s movies. This is what I am playing with at the moment.

Are you doing anything special for father's day this year?


  1. your men don't cook? once a week? i'd die!!!! my man cooks and cleans. i refuse to cook every night!!!! not that my husband even expects it! i think you need to enforce at least twice a week! maybe one midweek one on the weekend. bbq or NOT! :)

  2. My husband doesn't cook much either.

    He does work 12hrs/day so if I waited till he got home to make dinner we'd be eating at midnght!
    I think bbq cooking lessons are great idea.

    To be honest, I have never really gotten much into Mothers/Fathers Day (sorry Mum and Dad!) for some reason it all just feels a bit forced.. but I will probably buy The Mister a card to mark his first Fathers Day.

    Love that Somebody Else's Weirdo quote!

  3. Sadly he is not a cooking maestro and I'm REALLY fussy about food so I prefer to cook. He is a mean house cleaner though - lucky as I suffer from chronic messiness!
    Know what you mean about these types of commercial days but my boy loves celebrating stuff - easter, chrissy, st pat's day, fridays... makes life very fun:)

  4. yeah, my family don't buy pressies or anything for ma/pa's day but we do make a card or make brekky for our parents - sometimes even just a cup of tea in bed. but kee has never done anything - i always feel super weird for not sending a card to his parents but he seems fine with it! i think as long as you aren't getting sucked into buying a big pressie its cool to show your appreciation!

  5. Thankfully my husband cooks every night although that will change when he goes from studying to working. I love what you're working on. I'm going to make a big fuss of this first fathers' day and then for future ones it will be more laid back. Mr Wolff is happy with that idea so it works for us.

  6. Going to be a bit of touch and go if my husband will actually even get fathers day or not!
    With a DD of 2nd Sept, he could be getting a daughter as a fathers day pressie!!!