Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time passes

Oh dear, I was trying to treat this blog like a journal so I could print it out and have a record of my pregnancy. I don't why I thought I could do this..I've never even kept a journal. Well, baby is absolutely fine and I am in my 19th week. Everything has been very smooth sailing apart from the fact that all I want to do is sleep, sleep, sleep! Recently I have been spending my Saturday mornings in bed and Saturday afternoons on the couch. I feel so good on a Sunday and feel revitalized but it all goes by Monday evening.

My mum and dad went home to NZ to visit her folks when she was three months pregnant with me. She told her workplace just before they left and they all decided that after her trip, she was leaving work. Sounds like heaven! Mum is the original Energiser bunny and so she said she was a little bored but loved her afternoon naps every day.

Mr k and I decided I would try and work as long as possible because we are keen for me to be a stay at home mum for as long as we can afford it. I am hopeful that this will work out. Mum and Dad seriously did without back in their day and they survived and I think we will have to do the same. Although I am getting 6 weeks paid maternity leave from work, the new parental leave payment from the government for 18 weeks (I think) which is approximately $500 a week (but taxed) and I have about 13 or so weeks of long service leave. Hopefully through 1/2 pay, we can eke it all out for a while. Work finishes in early Dec and the baby is due very early Feb so I do have a good block of time before the bub arrives.

The only drama was that we were planning to build a brand new home and it was going to be gorgeous!! We were about to sign and then found out we were pregnant and thought new born baby and building were not the best of ideas. We like life simple. So we are doing some quick renovations but the only thing I have organised so far is a quote for a garage and thinking about air-conditioning for the nursery (currently the baddest junk room you have ever seen).

Hmmm, hopefully my future posts won't be so newsletter-ish!

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