Monday, September 20, 2010

Bring on the holidays

Thank god the holidays are almost here. I am a school teacher and we are in our last week of the term. I will have two blissful weeks off although I will have to write some reports and do some marking. I am hoping to get down to Busselton and if the weather is hot enough, bathe my growing bump in the aqua water of the bay. I'll need to look out for stingers though!

Although I am still waiting for that second semester energy boost, my skin has finally settled down. A previously unknown advantage of weight gain is that people keep telling me I am glowing but I know it is because the extra pudding is making my wrinkles plump out :)

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  1. I love Busselton and planning to go in December!

    Congrats on to the great skin...mine was absolutely terrible in the first trimester so had to go to the dermatologist! Thank goodness that phase is over and hooray for the glow!

  2. Hope you are enjoying the school hols!

    My face has started to chub out as well.

    I have tagged you, just for fun. (Though no pressure if its not your thing)