Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Teddy bear and other wild things

I have never been one for teddy bears, didn't even suck my thumb when I was little or have a "blankey" (my younger sister carried a fetid piece of sheepskin for years) but I do have a new teddy bear now. My dog Ruby has become quite attached lately. I am not sure if it is because I have been slowing down but she loves to take a nap with me. Although I am sure the dog getting up on our bed will have to stop before the baby comes, it is very comforting to have her with me. She has taken to snuggling my stomach..not sure if she can hear the baby or if is just a comfortable pillow! She also has the colouring and looks quite similar to one of those old English teddy bears so after all these years, I finally have a teddy.

I have already started with the baby however. We bought our first toys a couple of weeks ago. I saw them on the seriously stylish sass and spice blog. Mr k and I went out to Babyland and bought the monkey, the lion and the giraffe. Very cute and I don't even like soft toys. I do love their belly buttons!

Images by me and bebe online


  1. Do you think Ruby senses that there is a baby inside you and that is why she is becoming quite attached? I definitely think pets sense these things...

    Oh and you won't regret the NICI toys - I love them...and like you I not big on soft toys either. I think their bellies look like mine atm!

  2. Those belly buttons are so cute!

  3. I definitely think Ruby thinks something is up...mr k thinks she can hear the heartbeat and it is confusing her :) I love the toys but just noticed that the eyes are little beads which apparently is not good for bubs...what do you think?