Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Online shopping

I have seen Gilt Groupe on different blogs for a while but never bothered signing up. I need to save money, not spend more thank you very much! However today I did sign up just to have a look at what I was missing out on..big mistake. There are some seriously good deals on there. I told myself it was for baby items. I've made a resolution to not pay full price for items. My most stylish friend has this motto and her wardrobe is glorious (and vast).
In particular I loved the life factory bottles but then I had a look at the other sections...gorgeous and they don't seem to be end of season stock that no-one likes. I love the Lim 3.1 dresses.

If people join through you, you get $25 credit when they make their first purchase. This system seems to work well by my reading of all the blogs out there. Although I think I only have one regular reader (hi mum!), I'm still going to have a go. Even without the credits, the prices are very good.

Join gilt groupe


  1. Gilt is fantastic and has some seriously good deals, but make sure you have a US forwarding address set up as I'm not sure if it posts directly to Australia.

    I'm trying desperately not to look at the Alexander Wang sale atm...arghh it's killing me!

  2. Im all over that green necklace! Beautiful!
    Though not going to join as am supposed to be saving too.

    PS. Have added you to my blog roll

  3. Hi Sass, yes I am wondering what service I should use for the forwarding address...any tips?

    Emmie, I loved the necklace too, lucky for me (and my bank balance) that is was sold out. Loved your earrings at your wedding, love the deep rich colours. Thanks for listing me on your blog roll.