Sunday, December 4, 2011

"When are you...

having your next baby? " is a question I am getting asked a lot lately. Maybe it is because Sienna is almost 10 months. She often looks a little older as she has a full head of hair, is very tall (100th percentile) and prefers to stand rather than crawl.  So many changes in the last few months has me wondering where my "baby" has gone and asking who this little girl is?
I've always wanted to have kids close in age but the thought of going through pregnancy again is a little off putting. I had symphysis pubis dysfunction ( and still have a bit of it now) with miss s and my ob has wanted me that it is likely to get worse with each pregnancy and that I might end up in a walker.  My loooong labour was not painful at all compared to how much my hips hurt. When I had to have a epidural for the c-section, there was such relief to finally not have pain in that area. So you can probably guess I am a little hesitant about getting pregnant again as I know the ability not to walk will majorly disrupt our little family.  To that end, I am trying to get as fit as I possibly can in the hope that I can delay some of the symptoms for as long as possible.

I do love the idea of miss s having a little brother or sister though and to have my heart expand again will be awesome. There are 20 months between my brother and I and we were close growing up.  However in the news recently, there were reports about how beneficial it is to be the eldest child because of the level of attention and focus in those important early year etc etc.

What will be, will be however but I am wondering what other people's ideas are about the age gaps between their kids.


  1. Hmmm there are pros and cons like anything...mine are nearly 3 years apart and was perfect for us. I didnt have it in me to fall pregnant any sooner and the eldest was independent enough to look after herself while I had my arms full.

  2. Our boys are pretty close: 3 years, 21 months and 8 months. It's hard work and full on - and for the better part of 4 years, I did indeed feel like I was constantly pregnant - but I love seeing the way they interact with each other and how they're interested in similar things. It's my hope that they'll be great mates as they get older.

    I had a similar condition to you with my second pregnancy and it was pretty awful, but when I started seeing a physiotherapist, the condition and pain improved dramatically - so much so, that with my last pregnancy, I was hardly affected at all.

    Thinking of you during this time!

    Ronnie xo

  3. I had three and a half years between my first two. Not deliberate things just happened that way. The pro there was the first was toilet trained when the second arrived. The con is that I see a stronger bond between families where they are closer together. Then there was another 12 years before our latest which is great as the older two are very sweet with her, but I do worry she'll be like an only child once she hits school.
    The only thing I would suggest is that the medical recommendation is a gap of at least 18 months between pregnancies to give your body a rest, might be worth thinking about. That being said many women have a smaller gap without health problems.

  4. Lately I have had quite a few people ask me about having another a baby... And I think 'Are you crazy, I've JUST had a baby!' then I look down at Bay and realise hmm well I suppose it was nearly a year ago.. time has just gone so quickly.

    I don't feel ready to be pregnant again yet.. I have only just gone back to work and I want to get back to my pre-baby weight first.
    I have always imagined an age gap of around 2 years (same as my sister and I) but when I do the maths that would mean getting pregnant again in like 4 months... Ummm No.

    I haven't got my cycle back yet anyway so I think my body agrees we are not ready yet :)
    I guess that once I wean her and as she turns from a baby into a little girl I will gradually start feel ready and thats when I know it will be right time to start trying. Some of my friends have told me it can happen quite suddenly and unexpectedly, so will just have to wait and see! I'm already in my thirties so can't wait forever..
    The Mister would have another baby in a heartbeat, but obviously he isnt the one who has to be pregnant, give birth, leave work, breastfeed etc etc

  5. Wow Hatchling, you were such a tough cookie during your pregnancy. I can't imagine all the pain you went though. I totally understand your hesitation with getting pregnant to quickly.

    I get asked this question ALL the time. It gets very frustrating. Although lately seeing Lily walking around, I'm getting clucky again. But I just feel like I'm getting 'in the groove' again so hmm not sure....