Tuesday, December 13, 2011

whatchya doin'?

I saw this on grown together and thought I play along

watching: one born every minute on my laptop. I always cry when I watch this - aren't my hormones supposed to be flat-lining by now?   
eating:  tuna, cream cheese and rocket on a cruskit (this is what s will be having for lunch today)

drinking:  Diet coke (yes I am addicted)

wearing: country road top and jeans - both covered in baby goop that I'm about to sponge off (the days where I would change have gone...I don't know who I am anymore:)

cleaning the house

feeling: knackered....not sure why but all of the mama girls I know are exhausted at the moment

missing:  my nephew Leo
- he lives in Melbourne, is almost two and I would love to be more a part of his daily life:(

thankful: for our new Christmas tree and my sleeping baby!

weather: massive thunderstorm last night so lots of puddles and greyness outside - bit weird considering we were at the beach on the weekend

praying: N/A

needing:  would love to have a bit more
self-discipline and be a bit more vigilant about getting fit

thinking: about my dad too  - he had some minor heart surgery yesterday. Amazing that now a doctor can log into his computer and check how my dad's heart is going no matter where he is in the world.

loving: this age with little s. She is starting to dance by wriggling her shoulders and tapping her feet and is becoming so much more confident - love it!

link up if you like and tell me whatchya doin'

PS - random photo of s from Melbourne Cup - $5 peony clip from Spotlight equals instant baby fascinator  and she didn't pull it off once!


  1. Nice post, and the fascinator is just perfect!

  2. I love all of that, Thank you for making my day happier and a big thanks for liking my very long birthday post. Cheers