Saturday, March 26, 2011


My goodness, it has been 6 weeks. Motherhood is both better, busier and more full on than I could have imagined. It is a weird combination of euphoria and mindless hard work. I can't believe I have been able to survive despite not having more than three hours sleep. My brain could hardly function at first but Sienna is now having 3-4 hours between feeds at night now and doesn't require a lot of settling plus I seem to be getting used to it. I am in awe that she is still alive and is now 6.3 kilos - did I mention she was only 6 weeks old? All that feeding is creating a super baby!

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  1. you describe it so well.. combination of euphoria and mindless hard work is EXACTLY what it is like. Glad she is starting to go longer between feeds at night..
    Wow 6.3kg, you are doing a fantastic job of feeding her.. sounds like a beautiful healthy little girl.