Friday, February 18, 2011

She has arrived!!!!

My beautiful girl has arrived. Sienna Mae was born on the evening of the 9th February. She weighed 9.5 lbs (3.4 kilos) and was 51cms!!! I had to have an induction due to fears of pre-eclampsia (no blood pressure problems at all previously) and after 12 hours of grueling back labour where I couldn't dilate, my doctor performed a c-section. Her birth was nothing like I had hoped for but she is here safe and sound and so am I which is the main thing. She is breast feeding like a champ and although mr k and I are not getting much sleep, we are very happy. Full birth story and pics to come.


  1. Congratulations on safe arrival of Sienna Mae! what a lovely name! Sounds like a gruelling labour, well done you!
    Can't wait to here more and see some pics of your little bundle of joy xxx

  2. Congratulations! Sienna Mae is such a beautiful name! Well done on your birth, I also had terrible back pain and couldn't dilate - very annoying but in the end our babies entered the world safely!

    I'm so happy for you!!!