Monday, February 7, 2011

Fully cooked

I was due on the 2nd and I am now 5 days overdue. Baby is fully cooked. I have no idea what is going on. I have had really bad back pain for the last three days and I feel like the baby has descended but I am not really sure. I only know it is pretty difficult to walk around! I can't work out what is symphisis pubis dysfunction and what is pre-labour. I now understand what my friends have meant when they say they are over being pregnant. We did have an induction scheduled yesterday but decided to cancel as we felt we want to give me the best chance to go into a natural birth however if I continue to feel like this, we will probably try and schedule one for next week. Keeping my fingers crossed (but nothing else!!:)


  1. Ahh I remember waiting so impatiently and I was only 4 days overdue. Vindaloo, long walk, hot bath and seemed to do the trick for me!

  2. I am hoping that something has happened for you by now!!
    I went 8 days over as well and it felt like torture!
    The back pain could definitely be a sign that something is about to happen (or already happened perhaps?)
    Will be checking back regularly for an update!