Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Oz Day

No movement in the trenches so I don't think we'll be having an Australia Day baby. Mr k and I were pretty keen to have a bubba on this day because we love the idea of having a public holiday on your birthday. Mr k has had to go into work to finish off as much as he can so he can have a couple of weeks off when the bub finally makes its debut. We spent the morning eating avocado on toast and watching bad tv. I must say I am feeling a bit knackered today. Last week our ob mentioned we might want to think about inducing and asked us to come back yesterday to see where we were at. He didn't mention it at the time (possibly not to alarm us as first time parents) but he was a little concerned as to how big the bub was measuring. However at yesterday's appointment, the measurements were smaller and he explained that this was more what he was expecting. Due to PSD, I have been rather uncomfortable and he said we could induce so as to spare me more discomfort but mr k and I decided unless it was for the benefit of the bub, I was quite happy to sit on the couch and wait it out. Pretty boring but I'll get some box know life is pretty good when that is your biggest dilemma!

Photo is from a fishing trip mr k did earlier this year. I love the colour of the water. We live very close to the beach but due to PSD, I haven't been able to keep up my daily walks on the sand and I really miss it.

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