Monday, January 17, 2011

baby shower

I had my baby shower this weekend. It was great fun and I was absolutely spoilt by my very generous friends. The food was glorious and I am so glad my appetite has come back!
Below are a few pics. I went for a bit of a aqua, red and pink theme. We don't know what we are having so I tried to cover all bases. I hung a variety of poms-poms above the table and used inspiration from Inchmark and downloaded some printables from ruff anders to create drink labels etc. That is my crafty effort for the next five years! We played baby bingo which was a nice opportunity to give some little presents. People wrote notes of advice and put them into nappies so that when I have an "interesting day" I will have a special stash of nappies with words of advice stashed into them. My bestie also organised everyone to make some kind of origami animal and she is going to turn them into a mobile for the bub. We also organised a henna artist to come and either henna people (or to do the design in glitter for those not wanting a longer lasting look). I had my belly done and given that I think I will give birth sooner rather than later, my midwives will have a nice illustration to look at!
My to-do list is getting smaller and I am hoping I have at least week left to cross them all off.


  1. Looked liked it was wonderful event! Well done on the crafty beautiful decorations! Hope the games went well.

  2. It looks absolutely gorgeous!
    I am dreaming about strawberries and cream now :)

  3. And your belly looks beautiful- what a great idea! I reckon the midwives will love it!