Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We have visuals!

"Oh so there is a baby in there" were my first words at our scan. Yes, this baby is going to have a wise momma. I also realised that I need glasses, mr k and the sonographer kept trying to point out the heart beat but I couldn't see it. We also got our date, I am 10 weeks 6 days and bub is due the 2nd Feb 2011. mr k was quite tearful and overcome but I was more interested in seeing that all the bits and bobs were in the right places. This was quite strange as I am one of those sad sacks that those sentimental, god-awful ads actually work on. I can be sitting on the couch laughing Modern Family and then crying at the Telstra ad. Pregnancy has made this adorable facet of my psyche worse. But I digress, we have a baby, it has two arms and two legs and a head that looks like Skeletor. It has a heartbeat and everything seems more real.

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