Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Spring walking

Well, hello there! 

 Now that we are a family of four, weekends are even more precious. For my husband, it is a chance to spend time with the kiddos. As for myself, it is wonderful to have an extra pair of hands and the chance for some time off from the nappy/ feeding/ answering 3.4 million questions before 9am. Even though I am out and about during the week, I do get a bit of a hankering for wide, open spaces as life with a newborn requires a bit of time indoors.

Now the the weather has started to warm up, we have been exploring our local bush. Pre-kids we would have chucked the dog in the car and headed down south but that is far too much of a mission at the moment so local "wild" areas are our preference. It is nice to discover some new places so close to home.

 Miss S requirements for our family adventure included flowers, rocks to climb and a swim. We headed to Walyunga National Park located in the Perth foothills. The wild flowers were glorious, lots of rock pools and plenty of fresh air for mama to breathe in. 

My crappy Iphone photos don't do the area much justice but it was breathtakingly beautiful. There were a range of walks available. We did a six kilometre one easily with our three year old. Our baby boy Arlo is not liking the Ergo at the moment so we took the pram friendly trail. 

Hope you are enjoying the change of seasons too wherever you are in the world.


  1. What a beautiful space to explore!
    So nice to see you and your lovely family pop up in my feed again!

  2. it's been a long time since the last post... congratulations to your family of 4 :)
    we love walkng in the woods these months of changing seasons...

  3. Hello!! Congrats on your baby boy! What a little beauty! Love his name!
    Yay for scenic walks with the fam!