Thursday, October 18, 2012


My sweet girl, you have seriously dived head first into the "terrible toddler" years. It has been a little exhausting for both of us. As a little baby, your arsenic hour was not late afternoon but rather early morning and so it continues in your toddler years. Some mornings,  I am ready for hard liquor by 9am (which makes me think of my past life in Praha).  

The past two weeks have been hard if I am honest. You have morphed from an easy going little bubby to a little girl with serious attitude. Your frowns and jutting lips were sweet at first but I have learned to grow a little weary of them in quite a short a time. I can see that I am about to learn some lessons in patience. As are you, my love.

We went to Landsdale School Farm today. Your delight in seeing first hand the animals you read so much about almost broke my heart. And at $5 for the two of us, this is an outing we will be able to do often.  After you are in bed at night, I down load these photos from my camera and I show your dad/ upload to fb/ send to relatives or simply look at them and say to myself.
 "She is happy. I am doing a good job being her mama". *

*because sometimes in the midst or in the aftermath of the screaming of the toddler tantrums and being a first time mama, it is necessary to reassure myself of this


  1. Oh Spark, I can completely empathise...
    Ronnie xo

  2. I am another Mama amazed at the temper of my toddler., often left wondering where I'm going wrong!