Friday, June 1, 2012

Eating out at home

One thing that has been working for our little house hold is "Fantastic Fridays". Yes, I am aware of the dork factor but that is how I roll ( I swear I wasn't like this before teaching kids - teaching does something weird to your brain).
 I used to love going out for dinner on Fridays pre-child. It used to signal the start of the weekend (no matter that I often had to go into the office both days of said weekend). I did kind of think that my days would fall into one another and I wouldn't need such things as weekends once I was on maternity leave. Totally wrong, I feel like weekends are even more "weekendy" because mr k is home and having two pairs of hands is awesome with a toddler.

It is a bit difficult to wrangle babysitting every Friday night and I would rather ration family babysitting favours for parties.  So what I do is get myself pretty organised for Fridays. I try and cook a meal early on in the day or most of it the day before so I'm not rushing around in the early evening. Miss s is off in bed by 7pm and then we open the wine, light the candles and enjoy a nice meal. It is weird but sometimes it doesn't even feel like I have cooked it because I did all the prep earlier.  If Sienna is having an angel child week, I might try a recipe that is a bit more challenging. If she is being normal, it is usually an old favourite or mr k cooking on the bbq accompanied by a good wine and followed by an excellent cheese (this is just a link so you can see what the cheese looks like, if you see it at your local deli and you love cheese, buy this and then comment how much you love me).

The pic above is of crayfish bisque-like thingo with noodles. I roughly followed this recipe.  We had a freezer full on crayfish courtesy of mr k's brother (tip - buy family members cray pots for Christmas, it really pays off).

Quarantine is over, catch you next time!

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