Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quarantine - hand and foot

I caught hand and foot disease. 
It is a pretty common virus but a nasty one. It spreads like wildfire around nurseries and playgroups. Luckily (strangely) my girl has not caught it from me, despite being obsessed with kissing and sticking her fingers in my mouth. My symptoms have included a sore throat, a nasty sinus like headache and very attractive red blisters around my mouth, nose, fingers and feet. I pity the poor kidlets who have this. Your hands and feet feel like they have been burnt.
Of course, this has been a week with both sets of grandparents away and mr k finishing off the last week of his course so I feel like I've been on the battle ground for a few days. 
 Because we have been in quarantine, miss s and I have been lurking around our neighbourhood, trying to avoid other kidlets and people in general.  We've been finding little deserted playgrounds so miss s can have a good run around and I don't frighten people with my plague like appearance.  According to the health department, the virus doesn't survive on play equipment or toys for very long so we have been choosing our daily destinations with care.
This playground is at one of our local beaches. Less than 50 metres away is another set of play equipment, right next to a cafe. It was buzzing this morning but miss s and I got to play all by ourselves on this set. Check out that beach. No wind this morning and just beautiful.

Pulling funny faces for the camera... I think this is a mirror image of the face I pull to get a reaction from her.
Miss s had a great time running around in circles on the groyne.

Miss S particularly enjoyed examining the plants. The leaves were beautiful shades of olive and dark green with beautiful mustard leaves as well. I tried to take a picture but miss s wasn't having it.
We enjoyed our morning snack in the sunshine on the grass (the only way I could get a hat on her today)

 Miss s loved the rocks and banging/ playing bongo drums/ smacking them but was kind of over the photo taking.
By request, we took photos of this seagull. Very hard to photograph as it was so white, almost surreal looking.

We walked up and down this slope about 20 times and then tried to pull off all our clothes and then walk up the slope again.
What she wore?
Indulge me
Sienna was rocking her saltwaters today. We got them from here. I may or may not have a matching pair
Top - Cotton on kids, ebay about $2 as we got them in a bundle (as new!!)
Skirt - Country road, 50c from garage sale (miss s particularly likes the pockets on each side, mum likes it as it is like new and saw it in the shops for about $50)
Leggings - hand me down from friend, no label
Hat - didn't have the energy to fight the battle today so she didn't wear it. I bought the most gorgeous hat from CR last season and paid full price...and she won't bloody wear it.

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