Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello again

 hello petunias. How is 2012 going for you?

Chinese New Year

will be a good year. Lots of change. mr k is doing the trend of the moment  - a career change.  He is now a full time student for the next six months followed (hopefully) by a cadetship for 18 months.  
So we were on double incomes, good incomes, and our biggest issue was trying to decide whether to renovate or demolish and build.

Now, a toddler, NO income and a house that is falling around our ears. (I kid you not, my oven is an original 1960s model - and it was a budget choice even back then). Working out how I can work for the shortest amount of hours for the most amount of dosh and complicated family plans for child care.  Trying to get my head around that I no longer have the choice to be a stay at home mum.
There is a happy excited man in the house, the romanticism of us embarking on a new adventure (lack of money hasn't set in yet and I know that won't last long) , a feeling that we are getting out of a rut we didn't even realise we were in.
 Realising that I am looking forward to doing a bit of work.  Coming out of the cocoon of first time motherhood and finding a bit of balance.
We are traveling light this year. So far, so good.

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  1. Stay At Home Motherhood is definitely a cocoon!
    How exciting for you guys. It sounds like a bold move and those often work out the best. Goodluck with all the changes