Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another shoe post

Image from ebay

I've always had a weakness for shoes, never bought a lot of them but occasionally I fall in love. I have a strong memory of being in Big W when I was about 5 and seeing a pair of shoes with white cut out details, a slight heel and pink details. I was a goner. I still remember exactly what they looked like and thank the lord that my taste has improved ( I think).

Today I went past the Country Road clearance store and gave in to buying the cutest little pair of gold shoes for Sienna. I have been on a bit of a self-imposed shopping budget, trying to get used to the maternity leave lifestyle (read not much moula). There is a sale on at the store with an additional 50% off shoes and bags so I paid $8.00, yep the price of two coffees. Very happy people, especially since they were originally $39.95 (would never have paid that anyway). They will probably fit her for all of 2 weeks but it will look like a whole lot longer because I am going to put Sienna in them every day and photograph her at every opportunity!

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  1. Very cute and such a bargain!!!
    Well done!
    I must go check out the CR outlet near me.